Tick Control in Stamford, CT

Serving Fairfield and Westchester County

Many Lawn Doctor customers request Stamford, CT, tick extermination for their lawns. Ticks aren't just in the woods; they're in the grass, shrubs, and crawl spaces, and they're adept at finding humans and pets. We'll treat your outdoor spaces so that you can protect the health of your family and still enjoy your lawn. We offer a free lawn care evaluation to assess the needs of your lawn. We also have environmentally friendly natural lawn care and organic tick control that destroys insect eggs and larvae.

Our program of four treatments from spring through fall eliminates all stages of ticks. We'll begin treatments as soon as possible with a water, cedar oil, and ethyl lactate solution so you can enjoy your lawn without the fear of insect-carried disease. We also offer:

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Custom lawn care
  • Lime application

For guaranteed results of Stamford, CT, tick extermination, contact the Lawn Doctor today. We provide the fastest way to a healthy green lawn to enhance the appearance and enjoyment of your home and yard. Call now.

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Hampo Ghazarossian - Lawn Doctor Customer

Consistent, responsive and committed services over 12 years

Lawn Doctor of Stamford, CT has taken care of our lawn in Darien for over 12 years. The quality of their services has been consistent, they have been responsive when I have contacted them, and they have been committed to find solutions when certain areas of the lawn needed special care and attention. The partner/co-owner has been hands on when needed and most responsive to ensure that Lawn Doctor met our expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Lawn Doctor of Stamford, CT.

If you're not 100% satisfied - we'll make it right. It's that simple.

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